• Accurate control of indoor climate on an individual level

  • Continuous logging of vital climate data in operating theatre

  • Lower total cost of ownership

A healthy climate and comfort level for a quick recovery

In many cases, an ideal climate in a hospital, laboratory or other care institution is a matter of life and death.

In an operating room, it must also be possible to control this locally so as to minimize the risk of hospital infections such as post-operative wound (POWI) infections. A complete building management system, based on Priva solutions, controls and monitors the installed systems and applications to ensure the climate right down to the individual operating rooms and wards.

Recording and adjustment

The right climate system in your hospital or care institution allows you to accurately control temperatures and positive air pressures in individual areas such as operating rooms. These can be controlled easily from the central Priva controller, and may be supplemented by different control modules or of course linked to other systems and applications that form part of the building management system.

Priva solutions also ensure that vital data concerning the climate in the operating room is recorded correctly. The indicator module for legionella also informs you of the risk of infection in your hospital or care institution at all times, allowing you to take action quickly.

A healthy indoor climate

Heath care is becoming increasingly more personal and for this reason, and because a healthy indoor climate and comfort level are essential to the recovery process, that you want to be able to control the temperature, lighting, humidity and CO content in every room. Priva solutions allows you to accurately monitor and control the indoor climate on an individual level, with no loss to the user-friendliness of the system.