Priva history - CO2

A family business with a rich history

The Priva history started 60 years ago. Cor van der Valk and Jan Prins started their business on the Kijckerweg in De Lier, The Netherlands.

In 1959, the family business Priva began importing hot-air heaters for greenhouse horticulture under the name Valk en Prins. This 'Hylo-salamander' was an unbridled success: it was the first step in controlling the climate within greenhouses. In 1977, Priva introduced its first climate computer for the horticulture industry. This was an enormous step forward in the field of process management. It was the first climate computer to combine control of the climate, energy and water dosing.

In 1983, Priva started in the RAI with a simple building management system, based on the knowledge and products with which Priva made its name in the horticulture industry. Today, Priva is a leader in the Dutch building controls market. Priva products are used to manage the indoor environments of one in three commercial buildings in the Netherlands - and Priva's presence in the international building control market is growing rapidly!