Priva Labour Insight at Wonderful Nurseries

Wonderful Nurseries is saving time and money with Labour Insight

The largest grapevine nursery in North America profits from Labour Insight to monitor worked hours and harvested quantities per worker at any time of the day.

  • Self-service application

  • Pay-per-use cloud software

  • Team registration of labour and production

  • Labour and production figures all presented in one online dashboard

  • Save time by only registering once

Priva Labour Insight


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For Wonderful Nurseries, labour costs are the largest part of their total process costs. During production season, no less than 200 workers are active in their California locations in Wasco and Shafter.  Wonderful Nurseries profits from the self-service app Labour Insight since 2016. It’s an indispensable tool team leaders use to track worked hours, specific activities and the number of vines produced by each worker. The software runs in the cloud, but labour and production can be registered without a connection to Wi-Fi or 4G and can be uploaded later. 

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