The Rotterdam Building

The Rotterdam Building

The Rotterdam, the most eye-catching new building of the port city of Rotterdam, is the largest multi-use facility of the Netherlands. It is also called a 'vertical city'.


This multi-use facility has commercial and residential space, a hotel andfitness centre. The scale of the project presented the biggest challenge.In total, 2,267 room controllers had to be installed. Logistics was the key to success when working with such a immense building.


The project had a total of ten building control panels with 52 priva building controllers, 1,358 data points and over 2,000 room controllers. These were installed in the central and eastern tower of the offices and within the hotel of The rotterdam building. one of the requirements for the building automation was that the climate had to be easy to control.


Simplicity and reliability were key factors in making a commitment to integrated building automation as well as brand awareness, service and quality. alerts are directly reported and processed within the building, the key advantage of the priva solution. The rotterdam is a fully functional building providing living, working and commercial space.

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